1. How heavy is Skotti?

Skotti weighs 3 kg (3.3 kg with the bag) and fits easily into a 25-litre rucksack.

2. Can I barbecue with Skotti in my flat or in a tent?

In general, you should never barbecue indoors! The balcony, the terrace or, of course, the lake and the beach are best.

3. How do I correctly dispose of the gas cartridge?

Empty gas cartridges are not rubbish, but raw materials that need to be recycled properly. This can easily be done using a recycling bin or recycling bag.

4. Which gas cartridge do I need for Skotti?

A standard 417 screw-in cartridge that is resealable and can therefore be used several times.

5. How long does a standard gas cartridge last?

Different seasons, different gas mixtures. The winter gas screw-in cartridge from Primus increases the performance by means of an optimised gas mixture and the surface area for better gas distribution by means of absorbent paper. A standard screw-in cartridge containing 230 grams of gas lasts for about 19 to 20 grilling sessions of 3.48 minutes each. That’s equivalent to a grilling time of approx. 71 to 76 minutes.

6. How long does it take to set up? And do I need any tools?

The grill has a practical plug-in system and only takes 1 minute to set up. You don’t need any tools!

7. How soon can I pack Skotti away again after the barbecue?

Skotti is made entirely of stainless steel and cools down completely in a maximum of 20 minutes. Then it can be packed back into the product’s own bag.

8. What is the best place to clean Skotti, and how?

Any marinade that is burnt on can easily be removed with normal soap pads. You can also simply put Skotti in your dishwasher on occasion. By the way, that also applies to the Skotti bag!

9. What is the best thing to barbecue on Skotti?

Meat, fish, vegetables, but also delicious stick bread or fresh coffee work wonderfully on Skotti! Be creative, there are no limits.

10. What is the maximum temperature when running Skotti on gas?

In summer over 320 degrees, in winter it depends on the outside temperature and which gas you use. When using a winter gas with integrated lamellae (Primus), Skotti manages at least 200 degrees. By the way, Skotti has a small area where you can keep barbecued food warm, depending on the wind direction.